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RoboSub 2012



This page contains some photos of the build and testing process.
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A CAD image showing the design of the boat.

A view of the back which shows the cables going to the battery and the motors.

Hákon working on polishing the tube that holds the eletronics.

Work starting on the eletronics rack that goes inside the tube.

The frame almost ready.

An up close view of the DC-to-DC converters.

The eletronics rack complete with a forward and downward facing cameras.

The hydraphone array to be mounted on the boat

Freyja (the boat) diving, as can be seen on the water's surface.

A part of the team analyzing mission control while Freyja is doing the tasks.

The boat about to touch one of the buoys on the right side.

An image taken underwater with the three buoys in view.

The boat idling over the vase (orange) with the love gate (green) on the right side.
Guðjón working on the Love Lane
Agnar happy with the construction of Freyja
The frame of Freyja put together
Pálmar working on the electric rack
Hamid posing for the camera
Hákon making the tube shiny
Arnar and Styrmir watching the assembly of Freyja
Eiríkur the main pilot of Freyja
Tryggvi fixing a stand for the pinger
Hákon finishing the mounting bracket for the hydraphones
Tryggvi at the workshop
Eiríkur working on the pilot
Elín and Freyja on theire way to a pool test
Símon the captain of the pool tests
Tryggvi at the lab testing the bouyancy of Freyja
Guðmundur concentrating on the acoustic task